Tips On How You Can Permanently Remove The Black Mold

Black mold are fungi that grow indoors and in a moist condition on cellulose based materials. Black mold can cause respiratory problems, to avoid this kind of problem ensure that you clean out the problem before it turn into a nightmare. Read on, enjoy and most importantly learn all that you need to know about Northbrook illinois black mold removal.

• Ensure that you eliminate the source of moisture
No treatment will permanently eliminate and prevent black mold unless you deny it all the ingredients that it needs for its survival. Which is moisture, determine where the moisture is coming from. After which you can repair the leakage and then dehumidify it. 

• Ensure that you mask the area
In order to prevent the black mold from spreading to other parts of your house, ensure that you isolate the affected region with plastic sheeting, make sure that you maintain a negative pressure on the area. This will prevent the spores from spreading to the rest of the house. 

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Mold damage can accumulate on cement


You can put a plastic sheet on the floor and also on the wall directly adjacent to the affected area.
Ensure that you also cover all the openings, which includes the windows, doors and all the vents with sheets, this will minimize the number of mold spore which will escape to the air.

• Prepare your chemical
To eliminate the surface mold, ensure that you have a bucket of bleach solution and another filled with the cleaning solution. Use biocide like sporicide to kill the black mold. Transfer the solution in different pray bottles.

• Mix 250ml of the bleach agent to a gallon of tap water
• Fill one spray with clean water, and warm for that matter.
• Clean the affected region with the bleach solution

Douse the affected area from bottom to top. Scrub it with a paper towel or even disposable rags.
Ensure that you throw all the equipment that you have used to scrub the mold. Ensure you that you change towels frequently to prevent the spores from spreading.

• Ensure that you clean the affected area with bleach
Spray the region with a diluted bleach solution, allow it to sit for 15 minutes after which you wipe it off.

You can also use commercial fungicides to eliminate the mold nightmare. But to ensure that the mold is eliminate ensure that you clean the region fast before spraying the fungicides.

• Vacuum the area
After the surface dries off, make sure that you use a HEPA vacuum to clean up the dead mold and all the spores’ bodies.
Ensure that you vacuum for 1 minute per square ft on the affected area. After which you throw the vacuum filter in a plastic garbage bag.

• Ensure that you clean up
Make sure that you flush away all the waste down your toilet, floor drain or utility sink. Do not forget to wash up your clothes after finishing the cleaning.

With the above tips you will be able to get rid of any kind of mold that proves to be stubborn and black mold removal is no exception to these methods. Just follow all the details and you will surely kill the mold.